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    Phuket Zoo Phuket Tour

    $ 35 / per adult
    $ 3/ per child

    Phuket Zoo Entrance Fee

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    Adult   35 $


    Child   3 $


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    VisiVisit Phuket Zoo during your stay here and enjoy a wonderfully different type of zoo. Lush tropical gardens invite you to stroll around in the shade of giant trees across bridges onto islands containing all kinds of strange animals.



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    ·         Elephant Show

    Elephant show is available at 10
    :30 and 13:30. Elephants demonstrate a great variety of tricks including football, disco dancing, painting and many others. You can also feed the animals and take photos with them.

     * Crocodile Show

    Reptile show is available at 09:45 and 12:45. Become a witness of unbelievable tricks which only tough ones can bear. An experienced crocodile trainer will scare you to death. Dont miss this fascinating performance!


    ·         Monkey Show

    Monkey show is available at 09:00 and 12:00. Funny monkeys will demonstrate various tricks like riding a bike, playing basketball and many others.


    ·         Aquarium

    Having passed through the monstrous crocodiles head, you will find yourself in a beautiful aquarium. Tortoises, giant snakes, crabs, coral reefs, tropical fishThe magic underwater world is happy to welcome its little guests.

    * Tiger Kingdom

    The Tiger Kingdom aims to increase the tiger population through captive breeding. These tigers, however, are not prepared to inhabit the wild and therefore, are fated to remain in captive from birth to death, which, given the current situation, it’s understood to be better than no tigers at all. Since the tigers have been born in captive and fed a special diet of milk and chicken, they tend to be less aggressive than tigers in the wild. Captive tigers, therefore, can be visited by tourists, who pay a considerable amount of money to spend around 10-15 minutes with them.

    ·         Bird Park

    In the Bird Park you will see peacocks, ostriches, bright parrots and other birds walking freely around the territory
    . The park is filled with the atmosphere of magic and fun. Your photos of this place will be magnificent!

    ·         Orchid Garden

    Lovers of beautiful exotic flowers will enjoy their visit to this zone
    . Here you can admire the most exquisite collections which include the most wonderful representatives of the Orchid family - Bulbophyllums, Cirrhopetalums, Rhynchostylis.


    ·         The price of the tour includes transfer (Patong, Kata, Karon), tickets and photo with animals.

    Entrance Ticket + SIC R/T transfer (no lunch) (Free transfer for Patong, Kata, Karon only)

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